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    Can I get TOC from the online Server?

      Hi all,

      After some corruption of my database, I succeded in recuperating all my content from a backup,
      but the TOC tab is missing. I have copied another Table OF Content from a different database of ours,
      but of course, it does not contain the proper books and links.

      However, our Knowledge Base is online, with the proper Tabel Of Content.

      What I am wondering is if there is a file or 2 I can take from the web server
      and put back on my work PC, so that I can avoid recreating my TOC,
      without dreaging and dropping all 3990 titles from one window to the next,
      making sure of putting each line in the proper book.

      BTW, we ares till on RH 5.0.1, and the corruption occured while testing RH 7
      to see if it would help us for another project.

      Thank you,