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        Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

        Sounds like you need a reinstall. It should not take that long merely to create a bin. Can you try that?

        cornelius_3 wrote:


        I have the latest version and the latest MacBook Pro 15" everything maxed out and Premiere still has a lot of issues with importing footage.   It takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to create a new Bin.   That is just stupid, to create a folder it takes a minute but when I hit spacebar video footage plays back immediately?    Buggy at best.


        Oh and if I import multiple folders it crashes premiere if there are RAW CR2 images in the folder.  Premiere sucks at indexing.

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          I'm having the same problem on Windows 7. Are you suggesting the same solution on Windows?

          That is -- uninstalling all 17 or more Master collection programs and re-installing them?


          I had much better performance with CS5.

          Now in addition to the dismal preview rendering (which was great in CS5)  I'm even getting weird bright color screens instead of the image on video sequences where I've overlaid images with transparency over them.


          Thanks for any help!

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            cornelius_3 Level 1

            I just did a complete reinstall of premiere and encore. Nothing has changed, I even reset all of my settings, what a was it will be to get them back again.   The program worked perfectly until the last update.


            After the reinstall I was only able to update the system from 6.0.0 to 6.0.2  Then I had to Re-enable Mercury / CUDA settings and it re-encoded all of my Media Cache (Generating Peak Files, etc). It may be that updating from 6.0.1 to 6.0.2 causes the Project settings Renderer to switch from Mercury Playback CUDA to OPENCL or Software.


            And after all of that, CS 6.0.2 still moves terribly slow when importing a file.   Click File>New>Universal Counter and then wait 5 mins for Premiere to create one,  this is B.S.

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              It's also not normal.  Something is wrong with your system.  The trick will be finding what so it can be corrected.

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                cornelius_3 Level 1

                Only recent changes outside of adobe updates was adding the missing encore content, and it was the content recommended by adobe for cs6 users awaiting their latest content release.

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                  PureInsanity Level 1

                  Here is what to do, well at least what i do. When you have all the selected footage in the time line , there will be an opt under Sequence "Render Entire Work Area" , Once you do that your footage will have smooth playback. Let me know if that helps.

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                    I'm not sure about that. I just signed up for the Creative Cloud, downloaded Premier Pro, opened an old project and nothing but waiting.

                    First I thought I must have moved the source file, but I didn't it is just very slow. The preview is green screened or has a stwtic frame all the time.

                    I opened the same project on CS5.5 and it worked like a charm.


                    This tread was started 9 months ago, and the best advice Adobe can give is to reinstall the program.

                    It's not a $0.99 app, it should work.


                    So far CS6 looks like a downgrade for me....

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                      Jeff Bellune Level 6

                      Welcome to the forum.


                      First I thought I must have moved the source file, but I didn't it is just very slow. The preview is green screened or has a stwtic frame all the time.

                      I opened the same project on CS5.5 and it worked like a charm.

                      It's possible your video card driver isn't playing nice with CS6.  Try updating your video card driver to the latest version.



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                        Milo Maya Level 1


                        I  think I have similair problem. First of all my current specs is:

                        Asus Sabertooth z77 mainboard with intel i7 2700K processor

                        32 gb (8*4) ram

                        120 gb ssd sata3 drive for OS and CS6

                        500 gb sata3 7200rpm hd for cache files

                        1 tb sata3 7200rpm hd for source video and audio

                        and finally Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti with 2gb of memory

                        Blackmagic shuttle io card etc


                        This system were combined specially for my endless highend compositing needs and it works like a charm with all applications other than Premiere Pro.

                        Yesterday I barley finished editing a short (approx 2 minutes) 1080p project that shot with Canon 5D MKII. Without using mercury playback engine application

                        works fine but once I activate it all playback became really slow and laggy and sometime it freeze if I move playhead quickly.

                        I only use one video and one audio track in timeline so we can say this editing scenario is a fundamental for production grade NLE application.

                        My graphic processor has a lot of cuda power but Adobe doesn't support it natively so I have to edit  the famous text file.

                        On CS5 and CS5.5 I done lots of 1080p project with my old gtx 480 card and I never encountered any similair problem.

                        I hope my favorite and trusted software company Adobe will find the problem and will fix it soon...




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                          So I've been following the thread on performance issues with CS 6 at playback/ general edit, audio dropping out...etc.  I did everything in the thread, including a reinstall.  A co-worker suggested setting in and out points in my sequence then rendering it.  It worked!  Kind of a pain, but it worked. 

                          • 50. Re: CS6 Much Slower than CS5.5

                            This worked! Updated my software, and it's like I can actually use the programs again. RAM preview has improved and processing speed has improved. In After Effects at least. I have not tried in Premiere, but I imagine, it as well has improved.


                            Thanks SO much!

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