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    Importing Word docs from RH for Word X5 - out of memory error

      I've tried a few times to import 537 Word docs (2,974) from a RH for Word project (RH X5 for Word, CHM output) into a new RH HTML 5 project. Each time, RH HTML "hangs" and I've seen "out of memory" at least once at the very end. The original RH for Word project has conditional build tags defined, but only one tag has been assigned to one topic, so far. We've never been able to build an index in this RH for Word project (it's mostly blank), but we've built a search and contents without problems.

      Is an error related to Word? Is it a bug that was fixed for version 6? Is it somehow related to this fix: http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=kb401651&sliceId=1?

      If it's a known bug that was fixed with a later version, then it would further help me build a case for converting to RH 7, with the end result of converting the whole thing eventually to RH HTML.