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    Java Web Service very slow from Flex when not local

    MrCodeghost Level 1

      I have a jaxws web service that I am using as the interface layer to a database that I call from a Flex application. All was working well when I was referencing the service from localhost, but as soon as I deployed a version to test against (running on AWS EBS) the service calls dropped to several minutes.

      To remove all external factors I could think of, I created a test service, which simply returns a list of 5 strings, therefore there is no DB connection issue and there are no complex objects to be interpreted. I still get exactly the same behaviour, the call is fast when running locally, but an absolute dog deployed.

      If I use a web browser to retrieve the wsdl / xsd locally or remotely, they return immediately. If I use soapUI to execute the call both local and remote instances return in less than 500ms.

      Using the Network Monitor, the wsdl takes a few hundred milliseconds to be retrieved, the xsd reference however, takes one minute and sometime fails altogether, ditto with the final call for data retrieval. There is no activity on the server at this time.

      The Request/Response times in Network monitor indicate that when the calls are made they are taking no more than 1 second to return, but there is exactly one minute between the wsdl retrieval and xsd call, similarly there is exatly one minute between xsd retrieval and data retrieval.

      Any ideas?