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    Indesign dissapears after restart




      After i tried the CS6 beta all my Adobe programs are dissapearing after restart. Registry stays but they dissapear from start menu and wont open up afterwards.

      Most of the errors are either : "Please uninstall and reinstall the product " Error: 1

      Or that the specific file does not exist.



      I have reinstalled it thousands of times already after every restart . I have been keeping my computer in sleep for weeks just not to reinstall it again.


      This problem began after CS6 beta didnt want to uninstall itself and i used something  called the "Perfect uninstaller" i did not know that adobe had creative suite uninstaller thing then.


      All the other programs are fine after restart but the CS ones are dissapearing from start menu and refuse to start up from their program direction.



      I can evade Error 1 with administrator mode (after restart) but i cannot have the drag drop function. Which is crutial to my workflow.




      PC Specs:

      Windows 7 home premium

      Asus Notebook N73SV

      Intel Core I7-2670QM

      Ram 8gb

      Nvidia Geforce GT540M