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    Using columns to specify English / Latin - HELP!

    ceencha Level 1



      I desire to use COLUMNS to help with layout design.


      As you can see, I need to go BACK AND FORTH between "span column" titles, and double columns:




      In Design CS5.5 has been working great, UNTIL I hit a page turn.


      I can only figure out how to make it function the wrong way:




      Is there a way to make it function the correct way??




      I also tried using tables, but In Design will not split up a cell . . .


      Please help!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          This is a pretty complex layout, and I'm not sure span and split columns is the way to go at all.


          We have other users who do a lot of multilingual stuff, and I hope they will weigh in, but I think you are probably going to end up needing to use separtely threaded one-column frames in parallel to each other, and break  the frames to insert new wide frames in those places where a heading needs to span.

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