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    Reverse "Match Frame"? Can I find a frame from a source clip in sequences?


      I have a project with a ton of lengthy interview footage, and for time and process reasons I needed to give raw interview footage to our content experts to review and select pieces to use. Meanwhile, I was happily going through and cleaning up the footage from each interview, syncing audio where necessary, and creating comprehensive sequences of the interview for each subject.


      The problem now is that all of the time codes they've used in their notes do not match my Sequence times at all. I still have the raw footage in my bins, of course, so I can find the segments that the writers refer to in their notes... but is it possible to do a sort of reverse Match Frame and find where a specific frame from a source clip is used in sequences?


      This would make my life much easier for the next couple of weeks - thanks in advance for any help!