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    CS6 Multicam "Rendering Required Files"

    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

      Did a quick search for "rendering required files" and came up with a number of threads from early-mid 2011 regarding CS5 and 5.5 difficulty with PrPro stopping to render audio files when doing multicam edits. I never experienced that until CS6, and now it's happening frequently on a rather basic multicam edit (one HDV, one XDCam-EX, and one AVCHD, with an extra audio track).


      From what I've seen in previous threads, there never was a clear solution to the issue. Anybody shed any more light on it, now a year later with a new version of the software?


      Would I be better off to do a mix down of my four audio tracks before doing the multicam, and then nest that on track one and get rid of my other three original tracks?


      I'm running an i7-920 OC to 2.8GHz on an Asus P6T6 WS Revo with 24 GB of memory, an SSD OS/Programs, a three-disk RAID-5 Project files, a four-disk RAID-5 Data files, and a standalone 6GB/s SATA for scratch and previews, with a GTX-580 for two monitors and CUDA and a GTX-285 for preview/multicam monitor.

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          DerikSavage Level 1

          This took me forever to figure out, but I think I have your answer.  When you play back multicam in premiere, it tries to mix all of the audio from your original sequence.  Even though all you hear is the audio from track 1 (at least this was the behavior in previous versions). 


          My fix for this was to delete all all of the audio clips (besides track 1) in the original nested sequence.  Since I use external audio, I just use the camera audio for syncing purposes anyway.  But that's pretty much what you'll want to do.  Mix down whatever audio you plan on actually using for your project and put that in the sequence with your multicam clip.  Or if you prefer, put it on track 1 of your nested sequence. 


          Also, you'll want to unlink the audio and video from your multicam clip, and delete any cuts you've made to the audio.  For some reason, edits to the audio clip also cause the "rendering required files" error.  So just delete all of the many audio "clips" you've made throughout the process of editiing your video, saving just one to drag out to the end of your video.  This way you'll only have one long audio clip spanning the entire length of your video.  Bam.  No more rendering required files.

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            MomkeyEatsMonkey, you nailed it. No more rendering required files errors. Thanks!