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    Trouble Opening Up Files. Error Message.


      I recently worked with a design company that laid out a book for me. I downloaded all of the .indd files off of their server. Each chapter is a separate .indd file. I can open up some of the files in both InDesign CS4 and CS5.5. But there are a handful of the .indd files I cannot open in either CS4 or CS5.5. The files were originally designed in CS4. I don't have any problem with CS 5.5 or CS4 opening up some of the files and showing me the files. But I get error messages for some of the files that don't open. With the exception of one file, all of these files are simply text, no images, no links, just text, pretty simple documents, and they're all very similar, just different text for a different chapter. For instance, it will open up chapter 2 but not chapter 1, and both of those files are very similar documents in nature. Here's the error message in CS4 when I try to open: "Could not complete your request because of a server error. The file "filename.indd" is damaged. (error code: 3)." Here's the error message in CS 5.5 when I try to open: "Cannot open "filename.indd". The files are saved on my Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Version 2003, Service Pack 2. To test this out, I tried opening up the files on my MacBook Pro and am having the same problem. I tried copying the files on my PC and opening them up as the copied version. No luck. What can I do to fix this problem?? Thanks.