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    Problem with popups

      I create new topic for each popup I need to have in my application. In the main page, I created link to appropriated popup.
      I'm able to previem my popup when I preview my topic, but after publishing, the popups don't appear on the Web. When I click on the popup, I have at the buttom of the page "Javascript:Void(0);"
      Even if I chose "Display in auto-sizing popup" or " Display in custom sized-popup" it doesn't work. But the popup will appear if I chose "Display in frame" .

      The application I create was beginning three years ago. The popups created three years ago appear.
      I compare the code of one popup created three years ago with one created last week and I saw only one différence. In the code of the popup created three years ago, we have the size of the popup...

      Popup created three years ago:
      <area shape=rect
      coords="159, 332, 205, 346"
      id=area6><!--begin!kadov{{--><script type="text/javascript"

      Popup created last week:
      <area shape=rect
      coords="322, 354, 396, 363"
      id=area3><!--begin!kadov{{--><script type="text/javascript"

      Someone can help me to understand the reason of why the popups don't appear?