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    Premiere Pro 5.5 Sequences Won't Export


      I haven't changed any settings, yet suddenly I can't export any sequences.


      I go File -> Export -> Media, hit the Queue button, it goes to the status bar that says it's exporting media, and then it just sits there.


      Since I haven't changed any settings, I don't have a clue what to do to resolve this issue.


      Does anyone have any thoughts on a solution? Or at least a reason why it's not working anymore.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          To get the work done, you can still hit the Export button.  That'll give you some time to troubleshoot.


          Can you open AME first and pull in a sequence from there?

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            RBemendo Level 1

            Just had this happen to me last night, stayed at work till 1am trouble shooting..... not sure where the problem lied but here are the steps I took to successfully render out my sequence.


            1.  Restart, and reset pRAM (apple+option+p+r)

            2. cleared disk cache in premiere, and deleted Preferences.

            3. created a new project and imported the sequence that was failing from a previous project into the new project.

            4. turned off GPU acceleration, and deleted preview files.

            5. Quit Premiere, restarted, opened the New project that has only the sequence I was trying to render, don't scrub, hit play, or do anything except "export media" and export via media encoder. 


            best of luck!

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              Hi, I'm having pretty much the same problem but after trying several of these solutions i'm still stuck,


              I'm not sure how to delete preferences, turn of GPU acceleration,  I'm a little afraid to delete preview files incase i'm deleting files i've rendered already?


              I've completed a 30 minute film using 3 different types of digital cameras.

              When i try to export it my system crashes and i have to open it again.

              the project file is 35GB and i have over 100GB space on my external usb hard drive, so i know there is enough space, i also deleted temp files and unused files too.

              I contacted an experienced film maker and took my hard drive to him so he could export it on his system and that also crashed, but he was able to export the entire video of the sequence but unticking the export audio, so i have a 30 minute film with no sound and i've put it down to an audio issue.


              I had the same problem when trying to export the film when it was just 20 minutes long, i then cleared the media cache and deleted a lot of unwanted files etc, and then i was able to export the film. now it's 10 minutes longer and the issue seems impossible to solve.

              the only solution i can think of is to delete the last 10 minutes of audio (which isn't really an option) or somehow record the audio into a seperate file and import it into the project


              I'm not entirely sure of the exact details you would need from me but if there is any please ask

              Using windows 7

              4.00GB of RAM

              Dual processor


              Thanks for reading!