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    RoboHelp 7 is Very Slow Compared to 6

      Any advice/suggestions on rolling back to robohelp 6 is welcome. I find the new version clunky and slow in comparison.


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi STB

          One of the reasons I'm aware of that can make RoboHelp 7 slow is having a large number of fonts installed. You might wish to download and install a product called Font Frenzy Click here to visit the site.

          This utility allows you to easily manage the fonts so that RoboHelp will probably speed up considerably. Additionally, the utility is free to use!

          Just a thought... Rick
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            HKabaker Level 2

            Hi and, in case we didn't already say it, welcome to the forums.

            Sometimes a css stylesheet is not properly updated when a project is converted from RH 6 to RH 7.

            Part of that housekeeping removes all the old "kadov" stuff. Check your RH 7 stylesheet with the RH css editor and with a text editor (with the project closed). If you see anything strange that you can't correct easily, please post back.

            I don't think anyone has gone back to RH 6, except for some who had several complications in the projects themselves.

            (Now would be a good time for those who did return to RH 6 to tell us why they did so. Collectively, the folks who try to solve problems and respond in these forums have some advice you may not have heard.)

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              KC in Colorado Level 1
              I just upgraded from RH6 to RH7, opened my project, made a couple of minor changes, and started a compile. It has been 25 minutes and it is still running. Compiles normally take about 1-2 minutes. ARRRGH.

              If/when it ever finishes (!), I will check the stylesheet (although I have no idea what it is I'm checking FOR...?). Not comfortable removing fonts from my system. Since I've never added any, I would be removing operating system provided fonts, right?

              Any other suggestions?

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                lmarden Level 2
                KC - when's the last time you rebuilt the CPD file? It has turned out to be the bad guy occasionally in cases of performance lag. It might just need to be refreshed. In RH7, it's fairly safe to do this. I would make a backup of your project first, then just rename or delete the current project.cpd file and re-open the project. It may take a while to gain working access to the project, but you may find that performance issues are resolved.

                Frankly, I was very disappointed with RH6 and would never go back to it. RH7 has many features that will make it worth a little effort.

                Good luck.
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                  lmarden Level 2
                  and looking back at Ms. Rabbit's initial inquiry, I wonder whether she ever noticed that her topics were remaining open in the right project pane, unlike in previous versions. If you don't notice that and several pile up, you might find performance issues begin to crop up. (This isn't KC's issue, but it's a possible reason for other lags.)

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                    Ben Minson Level 2
                    KC, I seem to remember from a previous thread that the idea wasn't necessarily to remove fonts from your system, but rather to remove fonts from the list that RH uses/recognizes (the file that lists these is rhfontset.apj--I haven't touched this file, so no guarantees on editing it, but maybe someone else can address that).

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                      In RH7, you can open the Font Sets dialog (Format | Font Sets) and delete the fonts you don't use.

                      I had the same issue many months ago and after deleting 75% of the fonts performance improved 10,000 fold (seriously).

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                        Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                        The fonts issue was claimed to be fixed in the second patch.

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                          KC in Colorado Level 1
                          Wow, such a lot of great info - thanks everyone. Here's an update.

                          Yesterday, I was working remotely. While my RH files are local, our source control system (MS VSS) is at the office. So I wondered if the way in which RH7 interacts with VSS was a contributing factor. (To its credit, RH7 recognized as soon as I opened my project that it was under source control and correctly asked me if it could check out all the files, and did so. The checkout wasn't any faster/slower than normal.)

                          That initial compile ended up taking 1 hour and 8 minutes! I have NO idea why. But maybe the conversion (removal of kadov tags, etc.) takes place then? Today, I came into the office so VSS is down the hall, I'm on the LAN, etc. Opened RH7, made a couple minor changes, and compiled. It took less than a minute!!!!

                          So whatever was going on yesterday, it's either resolved OR it's something related to VSS and I'll re-encounter it the next time I'm working remotely.

                          Now that I'm over the initial shock of the completely different UI and things seem to be functioning better, I'm a MUCH happier camper! I read the V7 info on Peter's site, took advantage of a couple of the handy tutorials on the Adobe site (thanks for the info and links, Peter), and I might even be PRODUCTIVE today! :*)


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                            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                            Yes on first opening a project in RH7 the code gets rewritten.