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    How to convert *all* tables to text in a document?


      Version: Indesign CS 5.5


      I have a massive document that was handed off to me after being imported from Word, and the person who imported it did not convert tables to text (or they tried and it didn't work, either way, I have a huge amount of tables that need to be un-tabled).


      I'm tasked with formatting the document, and part of the formatting requirements are to convert all of the tables in the document into text. I've been able to batch process the other formatting in the document using find + replace, but I can't seem to figure out a way to find all instances of a table in the document, and convert all table formatting to text. I can find each table in the find/change tool by using <0016>, but I have no clue how to then remove the table formatting with the change function.


      I don't have any special text formatting requirements (standard; tabs for columns and new paragraphs for rows), and all the tables need to be converted, regardless of their formatting or content, so it's pretty straight forward.


      There has to be SOME way tot automate this, it seems incredibly tedius to have to select each table individually, and go up to the menu to select 'convert table to text...'. Any insight is greatly appreciated.