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    PhotoShop Upgrade Customer Service Trouble


      Has anybody found a magic way to get customer service help? I have been waiting since last Tuesday for my problem to be resolved and I've been getting absolutely no understanding or willingness to take ownership of my problem.  I have chatted online with 8 different people. Each time making painstaking attemts to explain the situation as being different than the "free upgrade" window that is posted on adobe.com.


      Here is the situation.

      1. Adobe said that we MUST upgrade to CS5 in order to upgrade to CS6.
      2. In February, I upgraded from CS4 to CS5 based on item 1.
      3. I went online last week to upgrade to CS6 from CS5 when I saw that I didn't have to spend the money to upgrade from CS4 to CS5 afterall.
      4. Based on that, I feel I should be able to upgrade to CS6 without having to pay an addition $199.00.
        1. Adobe said I had to upgrade so I did. That cost me $199.00 three months ago.
        2. Now Adobe wants me to spend another $199.00 to get CS6.
        3. I will not do that. I wouldn't have spent the first $199.00 if Adobe hadn't said it was necessary. It wasn't necessary afterall so I shouldn't be penalized for believing Adobe.
      5. This is like the guy who's told he has a week to live so he gives away all of his earthly belongings. Then the doctor tells him he didn't mean it. 


      Now, On Wednesday, I got my request elevated to "concern group". They will contact me within 72 hours. That must be 72 business hours because I have not been concated.

      So, Monday, I had to go through the entire scenerio for the umteenth time and again was assured the "concern group" would contact me withing 24 hours. I didn't believe the rep, based on my previous lack of contact and asked how I can contact the "concern group" myself so I don't have to go through this entire process again. The "concern group" is offline, no way to contact them but "I ASSURE YOU" you will hear from them withing 24 hours. Well, 48 hours later, I'm totally in a very hateful mood. I opened another chat session and rather than submitting that person on the other end to my venom, I just pasted my chat from Monday and said goodbye. Of couse, it's not going to do any good either.


      I saw a message board online yesterday, and today I can't find it, where people in my same situation received their upgrade to CS6 with no addition cost.


      I know it's being done but Customer service is so...aggravating that I believe it's a way to make people just give up and go away. Not this time.

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          Curt Y Level 7

          There are several long threads on this subject in this forum, the first one hit on May 6.  If you want to scroll back that far you might find it.


          THere was no magic solution, but lots of sympathy.

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            This is certainly not the kind of problem Adobe should be dragging their feet with.  They need to turn this lemon into lemonade!


            I'm all for them giving you a free copy, but I'm curious:  Would you have been satisfied with, say, a half-price upgrade?



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              joanns515 Level 1

              Hi Noel, I would have been happy with a half price upgrade, in fact I looked for that first. However now, they have caused me so much aggravation that I think that ship has sailed. Did you ever see the movie Basic Instincts...the woman went murderously crazy and boiled the other families pet rabbit because "she would not be ignored". That's what is happening here. Patience only goes so far. Maybe it's time to boil someone's rabbit.

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                I know your answer is only one data point, but let's think about it...


                Adobe made a colossal blunder in the way they waffled about the requirements for upgrade.  I think on that we can all agree.


                So having made their blunder, why not set in place a pricing strategy that just allows people who upgraded in the last 6 months an additional discount?  Enough so as not to lose money.


                • Do they think they can just put off the complainers until they give up and pay full price?
                • Do they think maybe no one noticed, or that no one cares about being duped into spending a few hundred bucks?
                • Is this level of misleading marketing considered okay in some alternate universe somewhere?
                • Could they believe that since you had the privilege of using that most wonderful program, Photoshop CS5, for a few minutes that you have no business complaining?


                A good businessman will strive to turn lemons into lemonade.  It's not hard to see a way to make that happen here.



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                  Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                  I have a buddy who used to be a PA to our then Minister for Education. He once told me that if they got a letter with a complaint or similar, policy was to ignore it for as long as possible, and then pick out and address the most trivial item in that letter, and completely ignore the rest. They knew that the complainant would get fed up and give up before they would.


                  It would be naïve not to believe such a strategy was widely used in all walks of life. Bill Gates actually spelled it out with the first of his Eleven Rules of Life:


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                    joanns515 Level 1

                    Hi all, I cracked the code...I received a free upgrade to CS6. I asked the customer service person how all of the other people can get their free upgrade without going through all of this hell. First of all, today I initiated another chat, asked for a supervisor because the rep didn't understand my situation was different. The supervisor immediately understood and within ten minutes I had a call from a wonderful woman who knew exactly the situation. I think that the initial person taking the call, does not have enough information to discern between this problem and the free upgrade that is talked about online. My recommendation, insist on a supervisor who knows about this situation. Good luck.

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