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    Interactive PDF button problem

    Jeffn918 Level 1

      I created an interactive pdf in InDesign CS5.5. I added buttons on pages to navigate throughout the pages of the pdf. The pdf worked beautifully until a someone tried to open the pdf in Acrobat 6.0; all of the type (fonts) on the buttons became jumbled, like the font was missing, however the fonts are embedded in the pdf.


      I need this pdf to work correctly in all versions of Acrobat and Acrobat Reader, as many clients will view the pdf and I have no control over what version they have of the application.


      I thought that I could solve this problem by simply creating outlines on the fonts. This did not fix the problem, it actually made it worse. When I made the new interactive pdf, after creating outlines on the buttons, the text on the buttons is no longer visible, it disappeared.


      Does anyone know any workarounds or fixes for this issue?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You're saying that in recent versions of Acrobat, the buttons look and work correctly, right?


          And it's only when you try to open it in a version of Acrobat created in 2003, nine years ago, that you have a problem?


          I think you're setting unreasonable expectations. There's actually a more serious problem than that, and much more likely to happen: Many Mac users use Apple Preview to view PDFs. Interactivity largely fails when viewed in Preview.


          The answer, in my opinion, is to tell your readers that they should download the FREE Adobe Reader, or use a recent version (say Reader 8 and above), and if you're they are using a different reader that they may get unexpected results for viewing interactivity. And provide a link to download the FREE Adobe Reader.

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            Jeffn918 Level 1

            You know, now that you say it that way, I agree. If their old version of Acrobat or Reader doesn't work, they need to download a newer free version.



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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Glad to be of help. Good luck on your project!