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    hide navigation pane automatically....




      i am wondering if there is a setting to either auto hide the navigation pane of rat least the bookmarks


      alot of the documents i have to open contain a "bookmark", well these are single page documents so a bookmark is not necessary in theory, and the "bookmark" is nothing more than a reference to the pdf name & it being "created with MetaPrint", this annoyance is constant as the bookmark column opens up on opening the pdf and takes up 25% of the screen


      i know about changing the initial view under the document properties, this is not an option as i am not changing 100s of pdf properties for this annoyance, i can hit F4 to minimize the nav pane but this to is annoying, there should/has to be an option to either ignore the PDF initial view setting or something to minimize the nav pane automatically


      i appreciate all help


      thanks in advance

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          CtDave Level 6

          Using a Batch Sequence (Acrobat Pro 8/9) or an Action (Acrobat Pro X) lets you set the Initial View for all your PDFs (well all in any given folder when in Windows).



          Be well...

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            colojomo Level 1

            i see how this could help sometimes, as a batch




            basically i daily have to download and look/print engineering docs, 99/100 of them have this bookmark issue that is just a rather annoyance


            i would like acrobat to when opening any PDF to be full page, no bookmark column, seems a like this cannot happen as whoever created the file added an initial view setting to the files to show the bookmarks, but like i said before there really is no bookmark of importance


            any help is appreciated


            thanks again