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    AE CS6: Render glitches with timeremap expressions

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      Mac 10.7.4


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      First of all, we've been using this method for character animation since AE 7.0.  We have had minor glitches here and there, but nothing consistent enough to a real problem.  We're currently using CS5.5, and considering the CS6 upgrade.


      I am filing an official bug report for this, but am curious if anyone else is experiencing this.  I don't want to share my project here as it's for a TV show in production.


      Starting with CS6, we're experiencing random, arbitary render glitches all over the place.  Our character comps are generally two comps deep.  Meaning in the character comp, we have timeremapped comps for sequences of eyes, eyebrows, mouths, etc.  Inside those comps, there is a lot more going on than just an image sequence.  We have mesh warp keyframes and other stuff.


      All of this is controlled by various expressions that link everything to some simple master controls.  I'm sure this sounds familiar -- it's very similar to the method used in these tutorials, but not even as complex.


      As for the glitches, they are hard to pin down.  There are different glitches depending on whether the character is continually reasterized in the scene or not, which comp we're in, etc.  Really random.  The problem is resolved by proxying those precomps (the eyes, mouths, etc) with prerendered sequences.  This is an OK workaround for most cases, but we can't depend on it.


      Thanks for any help.  In the meantime we'll be sticking with 5.5.