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    Clean Script - worried!

    shooternz Level 6

      I have read the Clean Script Information and instructions but...I am worried!


      Can someone who has used it...please set my mind at rest that Clean Script will absolutely not interfere with other versions of my Adobe applications


      eg I have uninstalled CS6 and wanthat cleaned up before a reinstall....but do not want any adverse effect on my CS5 and CS5.5 versions.

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          Keith_Clark Level 2

          ITs like a dos command prompt window and you have choices between which CS to clean. when I ran it, though, it produced many errors. But the other day i had some windows issues, did a restore from earlier backup, and then there my pre-release stuff was, showing up after I uninstalled it the day before to begin with. It was a mess. And now i have pre-release PrPro and En that is in my uninstall programs window, but wont uninstall. Lol. Ah well. Hope you have better luck.


          EDit, I ran the tool because when I brought up the windows after restore, it had my prerelease shortcuts in the desktop. I had already uninstalled them previously to install the cs6 full trial. Then I had some problem with something else unrelated I can't remember so I did the retstore. I went to uninstall the pre-releases again, but t gave me an error and said I couldn't do that. So I did the cleaner tool. No luck, ah well.

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            shooternz Level 6

            Thank you .


            That was helpful and ....it freaked me at the same time!


            I decided NOT to run Clean Script and I am re- installing now.


            I have entered the Serial and that was acknowledged as valid at this point. (Pre install)


            It then started  installing the apps and I know it will take me to the Register site at the end of installation.


            That will be interesting.  Keep ya posted.

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              Keith_Clark Level 2

              Oh yeah, it was a windows update problem. These updates have been giving me a headache the past month.


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