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    Making a text field required when a radio button is clicked


      Hello all, I am very new to designing PDF forms, and I want to implement this requirement but have no idea how to go about doing it. I am designing an order form, and in a few different sections of the form are text fields that I want to be required, but only if a certain radio button on the form is clicked. So for example, I have a radio button group on the page consisting of two buttons, and then immediately to the right is a text field. If the user selects button 1, the text field is not required, but if they select button two, the text field is required. How do I implement this? I am using Livecycle ES3. And when I say required, I am referring to the field value/property of "User Entered - Required". Also, I cannot accomplish this by hiding and unhiding the field depending on which button is clicked, as this form will also be printed and filled out by hand, so all fields must be visible at all times. This form does have a submit by e-mail button and that is how it will be used primarily.


      Also, I have searched around the forums a bit, and have tried some Javascript I have found, tying it to a mouseup event on the radio button, for example "getField("Text1").required = (getField("Radio1").value == "Yes");" and "getField("Text1").required = true;" with the names changed for my fields, but no matter what I try it has no effect