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    Deleting AVCHD Files


      New to PPro. Experienced with FCP7.


      I'm having difficulty figuring out how to delete unwanted AVCHD files. The instructions for offloading from my camcorder is as follows:


      (This is from the lynda.com series)

      -Copy the entire data card from the camera to the desired hard drive.

      -View clips in PPro browser, deleting unwanted clips.


      The problem here is, obviously, it doesn't physically delete the file from the hard drive. (Especially frustrating when I have a 30 minute file of concrete and my shoes.)


      I'd like to get some advice before experimenting. How can I get rid of unwanted camcorder files from the hard drive? Is it possible to view the files from the camcorder on my monitor before deciding which ones to offload? (This was how I did it in FCP7.)