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    New Computer setup for cs6 (PR and AE)


      I jumped head first into the great world of computer building and built my first work station....but all is not going so well lol.  Its taking forever to edit and render a five min kick-starter video. My question is how do I know I am setting up my  hard drives right. I have followed this link  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/662972.

      my setup is: C:SSD(Programs,cache)


                         E:RAID 0(MEDIA) two 450GB raptors

                         Z:16GB RAM DISK? what should I use this for?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          First of all, I would put your static pagefile on the raid0, since that is the fastest volume and not put it on the SSD. SSD's are best used for reading, not for writing.


          How much memory do you have? Why the RAM disk?


          Have you turned off hibernation and removed the hyberfil.sys file, turned off indexing and compression on all your disks and tuned your system?

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            Ceasy_317 Level 1

            moved pagefile to raid and i dont have anything writing to the ssd. I have 32gb of ram and I made the ram disk for Media and Disk cache because I thought i would get better performance. I have made proper tweaks to windows 7 but I did not know about turning off indexing which I have done now. I feel I have a decent computer to handle native canon DSLR footage but my computer is performing poorly with basic color correction and dynamic link with after effects. Here are my SPECs:



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Run the PPBM5 Benchmark to see if anything is wrong with your system.

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                Ceasy_317 Level 1

                thanks lol I was download the 800MB zip reading some of your other post. My computer should be able to handle DSLR files right? Are there any Discussions you can recommend on " tuning " for performance

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                  PaulieDC Level 2

                  Ceasy, definitely get rid of the Hiberfil.sys file, it's probably eating 16GB on your SSD and constantly getting written to, and you're not going to hibernate your system so you don't need it.


                  Windows provides a GUI to supposedly delete the file but often it doesn't truly disable that whole functionality. You definitely want to do it at the Command Line with admin privileges. If you know what that means, then just fire up a cmd window as Admin and run this:  powercfg.exe -h off


                  If you don't know what a Command Line is, do this:

                  • Click the Start Orb in Windows 7 (lower left of screen, of course)
                  • immediately type cmd in the search box
                  • Search will display a few icons as results, with the desired one near the top of the list: it'll show as cmd.exe
                  • Right-Click and pin that to your Start Menu, you might as well, you'll need the Command Line from time to time.
                  • Once it's on the Start Menu, you can right-click it and Run As Administrator


                  Voila, you are at the Command Line as Admin. Now type powercfg.exe -h off and hit Enter, and the hiberfil.sys thing is done and gone.


                  I would highly suggest you get cache OFF of that SSD and stick it on a regular drive elsewhere. Harm's guide will explain all of that.


                  Also, make sure you are getting full use of your RAM. I have DDR3 1600 ram, but my EVGA motherboard boots up at a default 1066. I had to go into the BIOS and turn on XMP support. Once I rebooted, it showed 1600 speed in the startup screen. I don't overclock, but that step is necessary to get the most out of your ram, whatever speed it is. Your mobo may already have it on, but do check.


                  Have fun!