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    "Flash can not parse cocument" .xml fix not working


      I have only been using Flash CS5 and have not imported any assets from any other program. As is common with CS5, Flash was behaving oddly so I saved and reopened Flash. When I tried to repoen my file I got the "Flash can not parse cocument" error. Hours of work down the drain. After reading around the forums and trying the zip, .xml fix etc routine, I have hit a dead end. The only .xml file that comes up wit an error is the MobileSettings.xml which is apparently empty (and shows as having an error and being 0kb in a working document too).

      It's incredibly frustrating to have to deal with the insane amount of bugs and crashes in Cs5 and I am continually losing time and money. Even though I now save every few minutes because of my distrust for this program my livlihood relies on, I am still found losing out by an issue which has apparrently been around for a few years now. What's the deal? Why no fix?


      If someone could please suggest how to fix my file I would be very appreciative. As I mentioned, the only corrupt .xml file appeared to be the MobileSettings.xml which is emty anyway.