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    Video lag with adobe player 11.2 for Mac




         There seems to be a problem with the latest release of flash player for Mac.  Videos tend to freeze/lag on certain sites (i.e. Cnettv.com and nba.com).  I have tried disabling/enabling hardware accleration, but it does not fix the problem.  I am able to emulate the problems on two macs.  Both of the macs are running 10.7.4.  1@iMac uses an ATI 4670 HD graphics card and 1@mac mini that uses a Nvidia GT320M.  I have also tried playing the exact videos from cnet and nba.com on a Macbook Air that is using the intel 3000 HD graphics card.  There is no lag on the Macbook Air.  I'm guessing is that flash player 11.2 is not working properly with the ATI or Nvidia graphics card?  I have tried different browers as well (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), but the problem still occurs.  Any suggestions on how the problem can be fixed?