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    Paragraph Alignment Problem


      Hi i am using Adobe InDesign cs4. The problem i am facing is even though i keep my paragraphs left aligned (and not left justified) even then there are some words in certain lines that can come in the previous line but they dont do so(as if they were justified). Also whenever i delete a word in a paragraph even though the last line of the paragraph should move up it still remains the same at times.


      For example, consider the para below


      "Hi i am adam and i have been using InDesign CS4 for the past 1 year. I was introduced to InDesign and it transformed

      my life. I also use Illustrator and photoshop as part of my work in creating documents, and other work. Adobe forum

      has always been extremely helpful whenever i have gotten stuck and the timely and accurate response helps me a great




      In the 2nd line of the para, the word "my" can come in the previous line. Same with "has" in the 3rd line. Also in case i deleted any word, for example "helpful", i would expect that the word "deal" would come up to the previous line and it would become a 3 line para.


      Its like indesign itself is being clever and not doing so


      Any help would be strongly appreciated.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          By default InDesign uses the Paragraph Composer, and that looks at entire paragraphs, not just single lines, to try to make the best balance and spacing. Sometimes we think moving a word up would be better, but we're usually wrong.


          You can try switching to the Single Line Composer, and for that hanging last word I would try inserting a non-breaking space in place of the regular one between "great" and "deal," but there's no guarantee that will recompose into three lines -- you may find it brings both words down onto the fourth.