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    Workflow task back and forth

    Zhiqiang Miao



      The use case is that a designer initiate a workflow to submit an asset, next step is an approver may reject(step back) the task, then the designer refines the asset and submit again.


      To implement this, I created a workflow with first participant step the workflow designer and second participant step is the approver, so that the process is:

      • 1. The designer initiate the workflow with payload a web page
      • 2. The designer go to his inbox to complete the task
      • 3. The approver review and step back
      • 4. Designer modified the payload and complete again.


      My question is that can we skip the step2 some way while the approver could still step back the task? If I removed the participant step of designer then approver could not select step back any more.

      Why the designer has to go to his own inbox and “complete” the workflow after he “start” the workflow? Is that step necessary? Customer may feel that’s unusual or inconvenient.