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    CS6 Installation Problems - Printer and BluRay Burner

    poppabear69 Level 1

      After I installed PP CS6, I couldn't print with my HP C309A printer.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my printer drivers after I uninstalled CS6 and still had a problem.  I had to get help from HP to do a custom printer install.  The consultant thought that CS6 wrote over the printer drivers.


      The first time I tried to burn a BluRay disk with Encore CS6 with my Samsung burner, it jammed.  I was able to unjam it with a straight pin, and I had to pull the SATA cable to uninstall it and then attach the SATA cable to reinstall it.  Although it would burn BluRay disks, the disks aren't recognized by my PS3.  I got a new ASUS BluRay burner which worked with Encore CS6.


      I tried to get help from Adobe Tech Support, but they weren't very helpful.  They just told me to uninstall and install my printer drivers.


      Has anyone else had a I/O conflict or is there a problem with PP CS6?