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    Combing swfs or flas


      hello. Due to the fact that flash tends to be extremely tempermental with my computer when creating large animations (stops responding then fails to export or publish every single time) ive been creating smaller 30-60 second ones with the intention of stringing them together later. Then came to the conclusion i didnt know how to do that. -.-


      as a bandaid fix i came up with the idea of just using one of those movie programs like wmm or ncm vid editor then realized that they dont support swf. or fla.s thus began the epic journey for a file converter. a few months back i found one that did the job but it decided it didnt like me and now i dont have it anymore.


      So after alot of running around my figurative legs hurt and ive decided to just whinge and ask for help.


      IS there a way to string together multiple flas or swfs into one "super swf"? they are not complicated, just simple animations that need to be played one after the other.