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    Change the canvas

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      This question was posted in response to the following article: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/fireworks/cs/using/WS4c25cfbb1410b0021e63e3d1152b00cace-7fda.h tml

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          N'y a t il pas des aides en Français ??? Merci de penser à ceux qui n'ont pas une parfaite maîtrise de l'anglais

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            Avez-vous essayé d'installer un Google Translate signet dans votre navigateur web? Ce n'est pas aussi bon que d'avoir une traduction créé par la main, mais ça pourrait aider.




            Fireworks Help in French.png




            Have you tried installing a Google Translate bookmark in your web browser? It's not as good as having a translation created by hand, but it might help.

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              How can I left align the canvas when working on it in the program window? I like the canvas framed inside the program window, but it's always center aligned and the pallets on the right cover the image when opened, while the left side has all sorts of empty space. It's irritating. Please help! How can I left align the canvas inside this window!??!!

              Thanks for your help!

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                I know what you mean; however, I don't think it's possible to left-align the canvas within the document window. I think your best bet is to manually adjust the size of the document window, making it narrower. Otherwise, you can try to take advantage of other features—like Workspace Layouts (e.g. Iconic Mode vs. Expanded), View modes (Full Screen vs. Standard), or the Application Frame plus Tab key (to hide panels)—to help keep the palettes out of your way.