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    Pulling in Flickr into Web App with Fancybox


      Hey There,


      Could you help me out with a quick thing. I want to pull in a group of flickr images into a fancybox window using business catalyst web apps so that the client can add new galleries.


      This page shows you an example of what I am looking for : http://www.jayaspin.ca/?page_id=7 but I want to pull in flickr images instead.


      I was thinking I could you use the web app I used for my video page here : http://www.corneliuchisu.ca/video-gallery.html but just replace the vimeo and youtube with flickr as it already is using fancybox for the pop-up.


      I want to display sets of images from flickr in the fancybox pop-up


      How would I go about doing that? Or is there a simpler solution?


      If you could help me I would really appreciate it.


      Thankyou everyone! Quick response would be very appreciated!