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    CS6 updater won't open

    MJ626 Level 1

      I just upgraded from Production Premium CS5 to CS6.  The updater icon at the top of my screen shows 6 updates available.  However, when I click on it to open the Adobe Updater, the Updater just bounces in the dock and won't open.  How can I get the updater to work?  I'm on an Intel Mac Pro running Lion 10.7.4.

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          Mark Eagleton

          A similar thing is happening to me, too, but the icon doesn’t even show in the doc. The menu item just blinks and nothing happens. Selecting Help > Updates... in any of the CS6 applications also does nothing.

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            MJ626 Level 1

            I tried the Adobe chat for help, but the guy at the other end had no clue.  I've searched the web for an answer, no luck.  I've searched Adobe's website for updates with no luck.  It would seem Adobe support is severely lacking.

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              I'm having the exact same problem. Did you manage to get a resolution at all?


              [Edit] : I found a way around this. I opened the Application Manager through Launch Pad instead of using the menu bar icon, and it opened, found all the updates and let me install.

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                MJ626 Level 1

                I discovered that I had more than one version of Application Manager running.  There was still another version running in my dock.  I closed it and rebooted.  I clicked the icon when it reappeared at the top of my computer screen, and it opened normally.  I had difficulty installing CS6, which may have led to this problem.  Sometimes, even after I got it working, it still gives me the error message.  I just periodically try again after a reboot.

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                  I was able to resolve my problem, although I’m not exactly sure how. I did suspect that I was running an old version of Adobe Updater. I attempted to uninstall it, but I continued to get update notifications in the menu bar. Clicking the Open Updater item from that menu still wouldn’t work.


                  I eventially got it to work by restarting my computer so that the updater in the menu bar was gone. I then launched Photoshop CS6 and went to Help > Updates... and it launched the Application Manager. It seemed to find additional updates and they all ran fine.


                  I’m not sure why it worked this time and not the other times that I tried it.

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                    SarahMills67 Level 1

                    Mine was showing as more than one version running too, despite the fact that I couldn't actually see it.. I also did a reboot, and ran the updater from Launch Pad before the menu bar had a notification in.


                    A bit of a mystery to me as to why that worked, but it did so I'm not going to fiddle with it any further...

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                      Mark Eagleton Level 1

                      I’m still experiencing this problem. I submitted a bug report to Adobe just now, but I recieved no trouble ticket number or email confirmation. I’ll post an update here if I hear anything from them.


                      In the mean time, I have found a pretty reliable workaround. The update check seems to run when you first start up your computer for the day. If it runs and shows updates in your menu bar, you can get the updates to run if you:

                      1. Restart your computer
                      2. Launch one of your CS suite applications like Photoshop
                      3. Select Help > Updates ... from the menu.
                      4. The updater should run and you should be able to install the applications.


                      This trick has been working well for me for the past few months. Good luck!

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                        You can open Adobe Application Manager (Updater) manually from:
                        Applications > Utilities > Adobe Application Manager > UWA > AAM Updates Notifier

                        or search it in Spotlight (CMD+Space) "AAM Updates Notifier"


                        Than Updater icon appears in status bar, you can click on it and open Updater.

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                          thebigreason Level 1

                          @p4n1k This doesn’t work. Most of us already have that icon in our status bar. It seems to be the root of the problem. It provides a shortcut to the Adobe Application Manager, which is the application that will not run on our computers. It crashes on launch if the AAM Updates Notifier has updates.

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                            thebigreason Level 1

                            Adobe Illustrator is now attempting to launch Adobe Application Manager when I start it up, which causes both of them to crash. I assume I will be able to launch Illustrator if I reboot and run the updater before the Update Notifier has a chance to check for updates.


                            This is getting seriously frustraiting.