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    powerpoint blues


      Can anyone help.

      When I import a powerpoint presentation into Captivate3 the aniamations (bullet pointed text or graphcs) are very jerky, therefore don't synchronise with the voice-tag narrations I've previousy recorded. These are not just my voice so it would be a real problem to re-record them - afterall this is the main reason I wanted Captivate - to transfer my old presentations into the flash format.

      The problem is definitely not with the spec of my pc so any ideas how to overcome this problem please

      I've tried importing the same presentation in both 2000 and 2003 format but it's still the same. Is this normal with Captivate3 or am I missing something

      any help would be greatly appreciated
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi kbarcroft and welcome to our community

          As you have seen, there is much to be accomplished with Captivate and pulling PowerPoint in. There have been wonderful strides toward the goal, but it's just "not quite there" yet.

          Not much to suggest I'm afraid, unless you want to simply use Captivate to record a PowerPoint as it plays. (you can coax PP to play presos in a window)

          Cheers... Rick
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            kbarcroft Level 1
            Hi Rick

            I take it that Captivate isn't going to be the product I originally thought it to be then? I 've only just got it and haven't really tried much with it (much time but with no results actually) but how hard would it be to rewrite the whole 60 slide presentation in Captivate instead:
            • Is it better or harder to do such things in Captivate?
            • Would I be able to synchronise it to bullet-points – the aforementioned voice-tags
            • Would it simply be better getting another product altogether?

            Any answers would be most appreciated

            Kind regards
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              cycler Level 1
              I wish you had gotten an answer. I have a ppt done in 2001. Like you I just wanted to transfer it to flash.

              The timings are correct in ppt but get messed up with captivate. Redoing the timings in ppt, reloading 31 slides then reimporting each sound file to each slide gets old. Am I doing something wrong or is Captivate not a heavy hitter? I had high hopes for it.