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    How to change texture color




      I would like to know how do I change the color of a texture in Fireworks, they normally come in gray scale, I would like some red or blue.


      Thanks in advance

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          groove25 Level 4

          You could open up a Texture PNG file from the app's Configuration folder and edit it in Fireworks to change its color. However, within the application, textures are applied in grayscale, so a color version wouldn't do you any good. In effect, when you apply a texture to an object in FW, the texture takes on the color of the object's fill—so you're colorizing the grayscale texture, so to speak. You're also free to apply an Adjust Color effect (such as Color Fill or Hue/Saturation) to the object, which can further modify the color of the applied texture.


          Not sure what you're trying to accomplish. Another option would be to apply a Pattern fill.

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            smacumbe Level 1



            I am trying to apply a texture to a white object, the problem is the texture never really shows since it is also very light. I have tried the color effects but they change the object color as well which is not my intent.

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              groove25 Level 4

              I see your problem. It looks as if Fireworks applies textures in white against a transparent background. So, overlaid onto a white object, a texture will become invisible.


              Here's an idea: Checking the Transparent option (in the Properties inspector) will convert the texture into a sort of mask, making the "textured" areas of the object invisible instead of white. If you Clone the object and give the bottom copy a darker color (and remove the texture), the color of the bottom object will show through the textured areas of the top object. You can then group the two objects (Command-G) to make them easier to work with as a unit.

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                groove25 Level 4

                Thinking about it further, your question makes me wish there were a simple Invert option for Textures within the Properties inspector.


                The way I imagine it, selecting Invert would apply the texture as black (instead of white) against a transparent background. And in that mode, selecting Transparent could make the negative areas of the texture transparent, which would then make it possible to apply color to the texture by itself, instead of the object and the texture together. (Alternatively, if were possible to apply a texture to an object with a transparent fill, that might be convenient.)

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                  groove25 Level 4

                  Something I forgot to mention: You can also apply a texture as a pattern fill by selecting the object, choosing Pattern in the Properties inspector, selecting Other at the bottom of the Pattern dropdown menu, and then navigating to the Textures folder within Firework's Configuration folder.


                  An interesting thing about Texture graphics: They're most often B&W or white + transparent. When applied as a texture, black is converted to white and white to transparent (maintaining the figure-ground relationship). If the graphic is white + transparent, the transparent portions are treated like black and are converted to white, while white is converted to transparency.



                  four textures.png



                  A little confusing, eh? If they're applied as patterns, there is no conversion and they appear in their original form, as B&W or white + transparent. (Just like patterns in Photoshop.) When applying B&W textures as patterns, you may want to experiment with the Convert to Alpha effect, which converts white to transparency. This creates an effect similar to the Invert option I was suggesting earlier, where the texture is applied as black against a transparent background.

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                    smacumbe Level 1

                    Worked great,  being trying to this for a while


                    Thanks a lot

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                      groove25 Level 4

                      In case you're interested, I've just submitted a feature request (and written a post) regarding these issues: