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    External monitor playout problem CS6

    Digitalcut Level 1

      Hi chaps,


      Just upgraded to CS6 from 5.5 Premiere.

      Everything seems fine except I cannot get a playout signal to my monitor - it was working fine with 5.5, now in the 'Sequence Settings' the 'Playback Settings' button is greyed out.

      It's a EVGA Geforce GTX 580, it features in the official cards list.

      I've checked in 'Project Settings' that the Mercury engine is set to GPU acceleration mode.

      I've tried updating to the latest driver and also checked that in the 3D NVIDIA control panel settings Premiere CS6 appears and that it's set to compatability performance mode.


      As I said - it was fine with 5.5.

      Anybody see anything I've missed?