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    New FLEX-RIA Opportunity Forum

    cxf02 Level 1
      For whatever reason, I have not been getting any activity through the flexjobs forum, and at the beginning of the week I posted to offer a job and it just went to the ether. I think this group was started with the best of intentions, but whoever is at the helm is too busy to manage it. This is probably a good problem for them, but doesn't serve the community as was first promoted. FLEX jobs are too fluid and the tide ebbs and flows a great deal in the course of a single week, which seems to be the posting frequency of the site.

      I have secured 3 people to manage FLEX-RIA Opportunities and it will be, above all, responsive. Please seek it out and post your opportunities there as well. I am a FLEX developer with a 3-5 man shop in the Kansas City area named Professional Content LLC. We want to make it big, but right now we all have day jobs and devote 10-30 hours a week to the business of building a business. I spend about 4-6 of those in forums and discussing things online.

      Thank you and I appreciate your participation in our community!