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    After Effects Color Grading Problem


      I have imported some footage (about 3 minutes worth) into a single composition in After Effects in order to color correct with Color Finesse. Without even having loaded the plugin (or ANY plugins), the video plays at between 14 and 20 fps with the following error message: "(NOT realtime)".  This is at 50% screen size and quarter resolution.


      I have a fairly powerful workstation with 12GB ram, Core i7 920, Radeon HD 4650 card and several 7200 RPM HDDs.  The footage has been transcoded (details below) and I can't figure out where the breakdown is and what steps I can take to ensure a smoother experience.


      If I did something wrong, what's your workflow for doing color corrections out of the T3i or a similar Canon DSLR?




      ** T3i Quicktime files transcoded to DNxHD Quicktime files. **


      Settings as follows:


      - DNxHD: 175 10-bit

      - Resolution: 1080p

      - Color Levels: RGB Levels

      - Alpha: None

      - Frame Rate: 24 frames

      - Interlaced Scaling: unchecked

      - Quality: 100%