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    LGA 2011/X79 versus LGA 1155/Z77


      Greetings –


      I am starting to look at getting a new computer to run CS6 (Production Premium). I tend to use Premiere Pro most than the other apps included.


      The current plan is to get a Nvidia GTX 670 (PCIe 3.0) video adapter and use the “hack” until Adobe officially supports it.


      I am having a difficult time trying to determine which type of CPU to purchase a LGA 2011 (i7 3820) or a LGA 1155 (i7 3770K).


      I can see by the specs that the  LGA 2011 processors uses quad memory channels versus dual memory channels for the LGA 1155 used dual memory channels.


      Also I noticed that the X70 chipset (for the LGA 2011) has 40 PCIe lanes verus 16 PCIe lanes for the Z77 chipset (LGA 3770K).


      My questions are:


      For the purpose of running CS6 (mainly Premiere Pro) which one of these CPU types will provide better performance?


      I would also like to know (based on recommended CPU/Chipset type) if you have a recommendation for a motherboard to house it?


      I understand that there are a lot of other factors that will determine performance; I’m just trying to get past the CPU part of this.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.