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    [mobile] eliminating cpu heavy alpha channels with a sprite sheet?


      I'm in the middle of testing all my animations on various ios devices but as I've quickly learned anything with an alpha channel immencly slows down performance.


      I've taken out all vectors/gradients and effects and improvised as much as possible but I need to have one animation that uses an alpha channel.

      as the bitmap animation runs it rotates and passes by the main objects multiple times thus stressing the cpu, calculating every pixel color.


      what I want to do is create an sprite sheet of the animation and each sprite (frame of the animation) would have the alpha channel colors already pre calculated.

      some may think this is a bit overkill but i cannot find another way to do this without alphas. when running normaly it runs as a max of 24fps. with this movieclip it runs as 1.5 fps


      how do I capture each frame of the animation as a png with each stacked alpha channel pre multiplied?


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      if anyone can provide alternatives to what im trying to acomplish that would be appriciated as well


      it's vary similar to this and each sunray has an alpha channel that bleeds into the passing objects on a loop