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    Playback stuck at splash page


      This may be a Flash Player, rather than Presenter, issue - but I need to start somewhere.


      I'm getting reports from users that a course we created in Presenter launches, but gets stuck at the "Adobe Presenter" with the circling arrow splash page. Local IT has indicated that this happens on all of their locked down computers. If IT logs in as Admin and does nothing but launch that course, it launches completely successfully and moves to the content - and all subsequent users have the same successful experience under any account.


      That's implying that something is updating automatically upon launch under the Admin login that isn't getting updated under the standard login.


      What things can I be looking at (or directing IT to look at)? Is there a setting in Presenter I'm using that could be causing this? Is there something about the login restrictions that I should be directing them to examine? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.