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    Text field color change after being filled in


      Hi to all!

      Sorry to bother, I'm quite beginner at this. I've been going through this forum looking for a hint how to do following, but I wasn't able to find a solution for my situation.


      I've got a livecycle form with fields of different categories. What I need is that the empty text field has a certain color (e.g. red) when someone opens the form, but changes the color automatically (to green fow example) whenever any text is filled into this field. After the form is saved it is sent to someone else who needs to see the new color of the fields so they can easily see whether all necessary fields are filled out (=color changed).


      Could you please help me with this one? E.g. post a pdf file with this solved? Or directly to my mail elementt@seznam.cz. Thanks a lot!