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    Help extracting artwork from .dcr using dirOpener - ANYONE?

    faceyspaceyTechnologies Level 1

      I've been using the dirOpener program to extract the artwork from a .dcr, but I keep getting this message:



      this application requires an xtra flash movie... that either does not exist


      I've installed shockwave 8.5 and 11 full (not slim) with all the Extras shown here:


      and it's not working. Maybe custom Extras were used, but I doubt. I think I just don't have the Extras that were used at the time of the creation of the .dcr.


      I also made sure to get all the .cct files. I organized them all relatively to the .dcr file properly. DirOpener as a result seems to collect them correctly. But then I got hit with the above bold message. Is there an Xtra called "Flash Movie..." ?? There is none that I can find. There is "Flash Asset" but that's not the same.


      below are links to download dirOpener and the assets off my server:



      I'm willing to pay hourly for professional assitance.