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    blur effect without transperencies/alpha channells?

    DKNMSIS Level 1

      Is there a setting in flash to disreguard alpha channells when using the blur effect on a vector or bitmap?


      I want to avoid alpha chanells like the plague but the blur effect really adds allot. currently i have a bitmap that is a symbol that has a blur effect on it, the edges are blured leaving transperencies. can I avoid those naitivly in flash??


      also when bluring, on a bitmap, does that bleed the pixel colors togeather? or does it merge multiple transperent copies of the bitmap ontop fo eachother.

      A different alternative is to convert a vector that has been blured, into a bitmap but I still have the edge transperency problem.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I am not clear on what you are after, but one thing I can think of is to use a mask over the blurred object so that the faded edges are not visible.

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            DKNMSIS Level 1

            I'm in the process of getting a game running on iphone, and transparencies/gradients and alphas reduce performance extencivly.
            would you know if a mask would stop the alphas from being multiplied by the cpu?  my thoughts are that it would still calculate them then just hide the loaded object with the mask.


            I'm trying to get filters on my bitmaps without them having alpha chanells in the end.. i could load them up into photoshop and cut them out but that allot of work,under display of the symbol properties there is a blending option, could you provide insight to what that does? and if i can control the blending of my alphas? thanks