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    Replace AS2/3 strings inside SWF

    Mr Kidnapper

      A while ago, on some board there exists some foreign flashes that are older than the internet and effectively anonymous pertaining to the creator, so someone used a program to get the strings inside the SWF (programmed in AS3), machine translate them, and put them back.

      Deal is, it's a machine translation. It's humorous, but it's still bad and I'd like to do a proper job of translating them.


      So to get to the point, I'd like to know where I might be able to find a program that can get the strings inside a SWF programmed in either AS2 or AS3, show them to me, and allow me to replace them with custom text. The reason I want to do it in this fashion is so that I don't have to decompile the SWF. Decompiling a SWF is bound to generate errors and I might not have some fonts inside so I'd like as little to do with opening the thing as I can.


      I have tried some solutions, notably FLASM (Only works on AS2), and some others not worth naming as they are only capable of viewing the AS3 code and not editing it or replacing classes.