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    Choppy video after render and export


      Hey, I am a new user to Premiere Pro with CS6.  I have put a video together using a few different formats of video.  The issue is that after I export it out (I used H.264 HD 1080p format) there are a couple spots where the video will slow down and and get choppy.  It not only slows down the clip (or picture) it is on but the audio form the next clip will stay on coarse and play while the video seems to try to catch up.  the video is about 10 min long and most of it works and looks perfect.  There is only 2 spots where it slows down, one at the the very beginning after the first still title, and another (not as bad) in the middle of the video.  Ideas why this would happen.  I would like to keep it at 1080p, and I have tired checking the box for Maximizing render quality, but it does not make a difference.  Also, the slow down does not happen in the preview of the video from the timeline.  Any ideas? 

      This is my first project and I will be kinda mad if I spent so much money for a quality program and it has more issues then a $100 Avid program I used before.