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    2 questions, one about 1080i and another about an AIR install problem


      Hi guys,


      I was wondering in premiere elements 10, does the software automatically reduce/remove the motion blur caused by interlacing?  What I am referring to can be seen here




      in the middle row of pictures at the bottom of the page.


      Also, I am trying to update the inspiration browser, but I keep getting an AIR error.  It says


      "This application cannot be installed because this installer has been mis-configured. Please contact the application author for assistance."


      Any assistance would be great.  Thanks guys!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you tried re-installing Adobe Air from the Adobe web site?


          Most TVs create their video using interlaced frames. All computers and many newer TVs create frames of video with progressive rather than interlaced frames.


          When video designed to be played on a TV is played on a computer (including DVDs), you will sometimes see interlacing. Software designed to play DVDs and other interlaced format on your computer will do their best to hide this interlacing, and various programs succeed to varying degrees.


          A number of video formats are designed to be played on a computer, including MOVs, WMVs and FLVs. These are non-interlaced format.


          This is why, when people ask about the best format to output their video, we always ask how and where they plan to display it.


          In short, yes, Premiere Elements will reduce interlacing if (a) your project is properly set up to match your source footage and (b) your output video is optimized for the device you're going to be playing it on. Beyond that, it's up to the player software to reduce or hide the video's interlacing.