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    Making sound come from different places

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      I create Self help DVD's.


      Some of them are made for headphones. In the past i have heard audio that moves around..or it sounds that way.


      Left and right is common but i have heard it made where it sounds as if it is coming from the front or above or the back.

      Ultimitley  i would like it to sound as if i am walking around them ( while talking  to them ) as they sit and listen with thier eyes closed...


      Is it possible to do this with Premiere Pro 5 ( i will be getting 6 soon )


      If not is there any software you might recommend that i could do this and easily add to my Premiere Pro?



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          did this get moved?

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            did this get moved?


            Only you know where you left it and saw it last.

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              While I have not done much with Dobly 5.1 surround sound, I believe that you can disburse and assign your sound files to 5 different speakers in a way to make it sound as though someone or something is moving around the listener.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                With DD 5.1 SS, this is very easy, as one has a full sound "stage" to work with. As has been stated, one has five locations to work with. The LFE channel is essentially non-directional, and is seldom located, as the human ear cannot usually differentiate the source, or apparent source of the LFE channel.


                I work with a lot of DD 5.1 SS, and can perceive, to a limited degree, location beyond the common L - R Pan, with my stereo headphones, though my DD 5.1 SS card. This is obviously no where near as sharp a differentiation, as with either 5.1 SS headphones (limited number of those, and some have various "quirks"), or better, a full 5.1 SS system, but with some practice, and listening, one can get a bit of apparent Fade (the F - R term for sound placement in the sound stage).


                To Export to DD 5.1 SS, one will need the Minnetonka Audio SurCode DD 5.1 SS Encoder plug-in, or similar.


                The full and correct playback of a 5.1 SS Audio file will depend on one's system.


                In PrPro, one would set up their Project with a 5.1 Master. If they do not have a DD 5.1 SS Encoder, then that will mix-down to 2-channel.


                Good luck,