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    Why is there no video in the capture screen?



      I recently unplugged form the matrix (mac world) and decided to come back MS.

      I just bought CS5.5 (and recently installed the CS6 upgrade.


      I have a problem when capturing footage. In the capture window I have no video.

      I have a message that reads something like "video playback on the device monitor."


      The video DOES import but I can not use the capture screen as a remote. I find that extremely annoying.


      I am running a dell XPS (laptop currently /desktop in being updated now.)

      Window 7.

      I am using firewire to import.

      The only 2-camcorders I tried to use for import were Sony HDR-HC3 and an HC5

      (it may have been an HC7)


      Any wisdom? I USED TO be able to see the video with my HC3 but something is not working properly.

      Please help.