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    Fireworks CS3 to Flash CS3?

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      Hi everyone,

      Okay, I watch the tutorial on workflow between Fireworks and Flash, but I don't get. First, it assumes that the viewer has a deep understanding of Fireworks -- I have only been using it for the past 2 days!....

      I want to be able to create a graphic in Fireworks, and then import that into Flash, and preserve all the formatting, filters, blends and fills, but it appears that I have to flatten all layers before importing it to Flash. Is this correct, or have I missed something?

      The graphic I am trying to create is a simple rounded rectangle, with a solid fill, and a smoky texture with transparency. I want to be able to use this graphic many times, but also change the fill and texture, as well as the roundness of the corners, but once the layers are flattened, this becomes impossible.
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          JoeDaSilva Level 4
          You don't have to work in multiple layers to achieve the effect you're trying to accomplish. Create your graphic in one single layer in Fireworks, and then copy and paste it into Flash. Flash will ask if you want keep artwork editable or not, obviously you would in this case.

          Flash may or may not goof up pasted Fireworks artwork, if it does you'll have to make adjustments once you have it in Flash.
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            heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
            You don't have to flatten your Fw files.

            Just ensure to keep the original, if ever you need to make changes.
            That way if you have to re-import (to stage/library) in Flash you can opt to replace existing items.

            Also, on the Import dialog, change the default Object/Text options to 'Keep...editable'. That way if you don't need to re-edit the original .png in Fw you can make some tweaks/changes in Flash using the same/similar tools.