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    Font in embedded swf now not showing in ie6

    cmscss Level 1

      Hi There,


      We've noticed that a .swf which was recently updated using CS5 no longer displays the font in ie6 - it was originally created several years ago in CS3 so we're wondering if something has changed with regard to the way Flash embeds fonts?


      This tutorial looks fairly extreme for something so simple: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/quickstart/embedding_fonts.html


      The font is the Microsoft font Tahoma and we've updated our test machine to the latest version of Flash - but still no joy.


      When I click various text in the Flash file, they're all set to the following in the properties panel:
      - Classic Text
      - Static Text


      Is there a simple way to embed fonts or do you now have to create a font symbol and follow all the steps described in the above link?


      Sorry, have just never noticed this before.


      Any help or pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated.