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    Can It Be Done?

    LaciG Level 1

      I created a title with motion animation in PrPro CS5 and would like to use it in another project, but I can not find the way to "move" it from one project to another with both the effects and the "editability".


      I can save it as a prtl file but in this way, the effects are not saved. (I exported and re-imported it with H.264 format that "saved" the effects but then I could not edit it since it was not a prtl file.)


      Is there any way to export/import and keep the effects and the 'editability'? I am not familiar with After Effect yet. Would it do the trick?

      (I Googled, read the manual and searched the Adobe database but couldn't find anything yet.)


      I would greatly appreciate any help.


      Thank you,