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    Create a New Website

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      I am new to CQ (obviously) and I'm have a really difficult time understanding how to create a new website that has nothing to do with the Geometrixx installed site.  There is shockingly zero documentation online on how to create a new site (the create a website from scratch article builds the site under Geometrixx).


      So, can someone point me to a link online that can accomplish this or provide step-by-step directoions here?


      What I've tried so far:


      Tools > MSM Control Center > New Page (Blueprint) - won't work because the path doesn't exist. 

      Websites > New Site > select the Blueprint above - fails because path not set.


      Not clear how a tool with teh sole purpose of creating new content makes such a fundamental task so difficult.

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          Amitdstar Level 1

          Hi jayati,



          Please refer below documents:-


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            orotas Level 4

            I think what's missing is the question of how to create the top level node of a site - so for example how do you create /content/mysite. What you want to do is:

            1. Go to CRXDE Lite
            2. Create a node as a child of /content named mysite with a primary type of cq:Page and save.
            3. Copy the jcr:content node from /content/geometrixx.
            4. Edit the cq:allowedTemplates field to point to your sites templates (or leave it pointed to the geomettrix templates to create a site with those templates - also as some pointed out http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/howto/website.html walks you through creating templates/components.
            5. Edit cq:designPath to point to your design page (see the how to instructions above for creating a design page)
            6. Edit jcr:title to give it a unique name
            7. Edit sling:vanityPath to be unique
            8. Save


            Now you should be able to create a child page in the Websites console. Once you have a home page created come back into CRXDE Lite and edit cq:redirectTarget to your home page.

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              That's the document I was referring to; about a 3rd of the way in it requires you to use templates from Geometrixx.



              Thanks, that's what I was looking for.  Do you know how to add the thumbnail to the new template designs?  Can't seem to figure that one out.



              May wish to update that original link with a process that doesn't require the Geometrixx site, as well as include the steps for adding the thumbnail.

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                Have you taken a look at the Site Importer?  If you already have some sample HTML hosted somewhere, the site importer will import the CSS, JS and images and create a site page, component, template and design.  Very useful for getting the basics stood up quickly.  You can find documentation on it here: